Hi guys, just wanted to update on my shin injury. I still can’t believe how well and quickly it’s healed!!! From a 5cm x 2.5cm totally open wound, with absolutely no skin there to stich. Literally down to the bone! To total coverage with new replacement skin! As you know I was really worried. To the point I purposely avoided going to hospital as I didn’t have an appetite for probably having to go through with having to have a skin graft procedure! I’ve had a few previous shin injuries although never with missing skin. Those were stitched and took much longer to heal and also left terrible scarring. Amazing work. Absolutely amazing! Worth mentioning my shoulders and psoriasis while I write.

Shoulders still totally pain free! So I’m absolutely delighted I came across Mathew before my shoulder reconstruction surgery went ahead! Then lastly my psoriasis has gone from chronic to 99.5% clear. I generally feel much better all round. Less aches and pains to! As if Mathew gave me overall healing! I could easily go on! Thanks again guy’s! Another delighted patient. Regards From Poland.

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