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World Healing Centre

We would like to take this timely opportunity during these dark days to take you on a journey which may be unfamiliar to you now & it may lead to freedom, knowledge & better health.

“As the old saying goes – the darkest hour is before the dawn, but the dawn is not yet.” Old Proverb

“It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light”. Aristotle 

About Matthew

I use my extra sensory abilities to make my own diagnosis & prognosis of a patient’s illness / injury & treat them accordingly. I treat all illness / injury, no matter how serious from brain damage/ life threatening to other major diseases in the body. 

I treat each patient on an individual basis according to their illness & my own diagnosis. 

My Healing Gift has no boundaries or limitation’s provided that the person receiving the Healing is compatible, open minded & believes in the power of The Divine. We work with patients across the world. 

Healing options


We are now in a position to offer a Tailored Healing Program to suit you & your requirements anywhere in the world.
This program will suit those with serious illness or people with special needs. 

What Our Patients Say

“ I have been everywhere, done everything, you are my last hope”

Enjoy learning about an almost forgotten Healing Science.

World Healing Foundation


We believe that food, shelter and clothing are everyone’s basic rights, we also believe there is an abundance of food, shelter, and clothing to satisfy everyone’s needs. Greed causes imbalance: wealth and poverty are the extremes. To share one’s wealth with those in need, does make one a better person mentally and spiritually. Millions won’t buy you health or happiness but sharing those millions will perhaps make you a more spiritual person because the more you share and help others, the more you help yourself.