gracie's healing miracle


As a teenager, I was a promising athlete winning a Senior Football All-Ireland in 2001 with the Laois Ladies.

I lived my entire life around sport, playing, Ladies Gaelic Football & Camogie – all grades at club, county, college & province.

I didn’t realise that the training I endured would stand to me during the greatest battle/ hurdle of my life & probably without it, I wouldn’t have survived.

At the beginning of 2nd year in college, I had compartment syndrome surgery on both legs as I result of developing severe shin splints from over training. 

(If only, I was aware of Matthew & his work at that crucial point in my life, he could have cured my shin splints in 3 sessions which I have witnessed many times.)

I was told by the consultant that it was routine surgery & I would be back playing in 3 months, nothing could be further from the truth, at no stage did the consultant advise me on the side or after effects of the procedure for compartment syndrome.

I began to feel unwell shortly after the surgery & never recovered as I was told I would. Everything changed for the worst after the procedure and it was the beginning of a brave battle of a decade plus long illness.

A long litany of symptoms gradually appeared. In fact, over the next decade, I battled extreme fatigue, shortness of breath, fluid retention, memory loss, facial paralysis, extreme pain, and serious weight loss to name just a few. I visited countless doctors and hospitals across Europe & received different diagnoses, tried different treatments & also trial treatments all to no avail. My health continued to deteriorate.

The various diagnosis over the years ranged from Chronic Kidney Disease, Lung Infections, Blockage in my Heart, Liver Failure, Reverse T3 Thyroid Condition, which was shutting down my organs. I was pulled from sport due to sudden death syndrome. I was then diagnosed with Chronic Lyme Disease & 8 co infections.

The treatment for Chronic Lyme Disease was 26 plus tablets a day, IV antibiotics every second day. This treatment nearly killed me.

During this period, I was told by my professor that I was on a maintenance programme, and he didn’t know how long I would survive for, he wanted me to stop all treatment but that wasn’t something I wanted, I wanted to live…but eventually all medical treatment was stopped, my blood count had dropped so low, that the medics in Germany informed me if I had one more dose of treatment, I would have a heart attack on the spot.

Another Doctor recommended Matthew Lennon Healer to my mum, stating that “if Matthew couldn’t help me, then nobody would”. We had exhausted all other avenues and time was running out, but I wanted to live and I wasn’t going to accept anything else.

As result of this Doctor adhering to & exercising the Hippocratic Oath, I am alive today to share my Healing Miracle with the world & I am devoting my time to helping Matthew with an exceedingly difficult task, so thank you Doctor for your honesty, equanimity in adhering to & practising the Hippocratic Oath, without your recommendation I would not be alive today. I am forever grateful to you.

I immediately rang Matthew for an appointment. What had I to lose?

I remember shuffling into his clinic on the first night, I was wrapped up in layers of clothes, as the coldness was unbearable. I wasn’t able to talk to anyone and the voices in the waiting room were piercing through my head. One woman in the waiting room thought I was going to die & so she suggested that Matthew take me ahead of all other patients waiting.

The patients in the waiting room that day, thought I might die in front of them or that I wouldn’t survive the night.

After my 2nd appointment with Matthew, he told me that I was sick for a particular reason.

After a couple of appointments in close succession, Matthew suggested putting a programme in place in which I rigidly adhered to. We both gave 100% to getting me better and I attended treatment several times a week.

I made a Miraculous recovery from Matthew’s Healing Treatment & returned to competitive sport 10 months later winning a Senior County title with my club, a dream come through.

Matthew shares some of his insights into the healing treatment he did to save my life.

On the advice of patients in the waiting room, we skipped the queue and took Gracie & her mum into my healing room. Gracie shuffled into the room, very weak, cold & 6 stone weight. Her breathing was very laboured and could hardly catch up breath when I began to go over her history.

I looked at her and told her she was in organ failure. Her life force was so low that she didn’t appear to have long left on the planet as her professor had already explained.

I worked on her and could see & sense that her life force was getting stronger, the life force was improving. Obviously, she would have a reaction to this treatment. She would sleep/ go into recovery mode for the next few days.

Over the weeks and months Gracie’s condition gradually improved.

I realised that Gracie’s life was in the balance, nothing short of a miracle was needed. There was also a breast lump 3.5 cms x 2.3cm. I advised Gracie to speak to her medical team. When Gracie returned to the medics, they panicked. Gracie decided to have no further medical treatment for her breast lump and within 5 weeks the lump was gone and never returned.

When attending my clinics, I asked Gracie to join with me & help me with my work.  Over the course of Gracie’s healing, she was very familiar and interested in my work so together we have now set up World Healing Centre and World Healing Foundation to help those in need across the world

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