our story

World Healing Centre story

We hope our story will shine a light in the darkness.

People are selected to come to this earth to do a special job & to do that job, you need the qualifications necessary.

What are the qualifications necessary to complete this job??

One must have sensitivities, empathy & extra sensory abilities to deal with patient’s illness. We have to raise our vibrations in order to tune in to a patient’s problems.

You cannot do this work with a negative mindset or with evil intention towards others as negative thoughts create dis-ease in the body & mind.

The Good Lord deals with the forces of evil who try to prevent the work we are doing.

Make no mistake about that!

So the work continues……………………….. A positive attitude with good intentions towards others, is the key to health & success.

Together, we have now set up World Healing Centre and World Healing Foundation to help those in need across the world. These projects took over a year to complete. With the donations we receive, we are helping to provide food, clothing, shelter, and healing in third world countries.


Matthew & Graci

Our logo

The symbol of Matthew’s hands 

Signifies; “the laying of hands” as you are familiar with from
Biblical times and dating back to pre-history.

The Healing / vibrations to Matthew’s hands are interdimensional &
from The God Source, transformed through an extremely
complicated vibrational system that cannot be calculated in a
3-dimensional world – carrying millions and trillions of different
vibrations, has infinite power & extension without limitation. 

The symbol of the candle represents the physical body.

The symbol of the flame represents the life force / the spirit of the body.
The aura / light is the emanations from its life force. Matthew’s hands are instrumental in conducting the Healing energy from the Divine Source & is f
eeding the flame, the flame of life.

The more people that tune into the light with purity & spirituality
of mind & body will feed the flame. Pure thoughts will lead us to
freedom from enslavement, dis-ease & help us to escape from
the bonds of this troubled world.

Your positive thoughts & beliefs will also contribute to feeding
the flame.

Negativity will keep you locked in darkness & resonating at a
frequency that is incompatible with your spiritual journey.


Our vision is to build bridges among nations, to connect all races, all communities for the greater good of humanity & the future of life on this planet.

We seem to be at a very dangerous time in the evolution of this planet, there is enough rocket power out there with destructive war heads to reduce our cities & towns to dust including all its inhabitants.   

We want to educate people & bring about the reality of an almost forgotten science. A science that is almost as old as civilisation itself.  A science that can be used successfully for the benefit of society. A science that can be used to bring about Miraculous type Healing.

Our mission is to connect & offer our Healing Services to people worldwide no matter what their race, creed, colour or beliefs. 

We aim to give hope, solace, support & comfort to people in need.