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I have the ability to treat all illness / conditions. Each person is different, I just need to see the person and work with them. From our initial appointment I make my own diagnosis in other to treat the patient.

Miracles take longer. It depends on your condition, the cause of the problem, how long you have it etc.

E.g. If you have a simple problem such as warts, ringworms, simple skin disorders, you will probably have to come 3 times. E.g. If you have a liver problem, a lung, a kidney, a stomach, a brain problem an addiction, surely you wouldn’t expect all of that to be cured in one or 3 sessions??

Each person is different respond differently. We evaluate on your progress.

Yes, you need to work with me. If you have an addition which is instrumental in bringing about your emotional or physical sickness, we need to discuss it together & you need to come to terms with it.

I recommend herbs, if I feel you need them.

I have a Divine Healing Gift which allows me to make my own diagnosis & Heal the cause of the problem.

I treat children of all ages with all illness and conditions.

No, it is not; it is as old as civilisation itself.

I have no statistics, check out our testimonials.

No, it depends on your input as well.


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