Matthew has been instrumental in changing my life. I first met him around 10yrs ago after a severe stroke which left my right-hand side affected. I couldn’t walk/ use my arm and I found it difficult to get the words out for a simple sentence. I first seen him when I was approx 1 year post stroke and I had been advised by a consultant that I was never going to walk again, move my arm, speak or have a job. He was very wrong. I seen Matthew every weekend with my mum for around 2years – I am happy to say I am walking, running, I am a nurse, I can write, I have a child and I can speak fluently. I had a Skype last week with Matthew and Gracie as I would like some finishing touches with my hand – literally the day after my finger began to raise and shake. I am so very grateful to Matthew and his amazing work; I hope to continue my appointments to make my hand perfect! Thank you

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