Our 13-year-old, healthy and sporty son was a bedwetter, having always had wet nights. Over the years we tried everything -u reducing water intake, waking him up at night to use the bathroom, pull up pants, plastic sheets, alarm pants and all the books about positive reinforcement. He would be very upset every morning; we’d have to change his sheets at least twice a night and ‘try to hide it from his younger siblings, he avoided sleepovers with friends and overnight school trips. As he got older it really stressed him out no matter how much we explained that he would grow out of it. We visited the doctor who prescribed antidiuretic tablets that would ‘dry out’ his bladder before bedtime. The first dose we were given didn’t work and when the doctor suggested that we increased it to almost adult levels, we were uncomfortable about it and decided to look elsewhere. We found Matthew’s website and saw the testimonials and decided to visit him. Matthew radiates his gift; he is a very lovely man and our son was immediately at ease and trusted that he could help him after the first visit we had a couple of dry nights, and it slowly increased to mostly dry nights and after the third visit is now only having an accident’ on very rare occasions. Our son is a happy and normal teenager now, it has taken all the stress out of the household.
Thank you so much Matthew.

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