Linda M

Hiya Grace, I was with Matty about 20 years ago with arthritis and about 8 years ago with a brain tumour and went back to hospital and no trace of anything thanks to Matty. ?

Mary Ralph

Hi Matthew and Gracie,I feel much better.Ears are not ringing.Eyes a lot better sleeping better.Less trips to the bathroom.Thanks very much for your healing.Will keep you posted.


My son was Diagnosis with Severe Genetic Epilepsy. Last year his seizures got progressively worse, he was having seizures every 7 days & hospitalised as a result each time (35 seizures some days). Since seeing Matthew my son got better, he is now 7 weeks seizure free today. We are so grateful and thankful! 


Thank you so much Matthew for the massive difference you have made for my husband. During his very first healing session he went from having pain at 8/10 in stomach & bowels & with constant diarrhoea at least 4/5 times per day to having no pain at all before session was finished & also since […]


Matthew Lennon has a brilliant success rate in his Healing Sessions. I had a friend who was having an operation and had a liver biopsy at the same time. The Surgeon was treating her for liver Cancer. I made contact with Matthew for Healing Sessions for my close friend, and he performed his Healing on […]


Gracie & Matthew, I got great news this morning, the doctor rang me to say that I won’t be going for the operation, the cancer in the lymph nodes is gone.


Hi Matthew and Gracie, My wife’s eyes are a lot better, they are not stinging her anymore. Ears have stopped ringing. She is now feeling a lot better in herself. Thank you for all your help & we look forward to our next session ?


Hi Gracie sorry for the delay. Dxxx had some positive news today, one side of his heart was functioning at 35% and it has increased to 51% function. This is all due to Matthew’s work as the medics sent him home & could do no more. I can’t believe that his condition has improved it’s […]


Hi Matthew and Gracie. Wonderful day today for dear little Axx. The words were flowing. She was finishing more nursery rhymes and decided to say tortoise for us today if you wouldn’t mind! A difficult word.Also located the giraffe in her zoo book and said giraffe! She was in great form and so happy and […]

Mary Lawlor

I had a persistent cough since April, 2023. I had severe bouts of coughing in the morning and at nighttime. Tests did not reveal any cause and medications did not give any relief. A Respiratory Specialist listed possible causes of a persistent cough including anxiety. I needed the cough to stop to allow surgery. In […]