Matthew & Gracie, thank you for all you have done for my daughter so far … we are so grateful for the return of her full hearing… what a wonderful gift you have Matthew. God bless.


On the 23rd Nov 2023, the Professor my Dad was attending gave him as little as 2 months to live. His lungs were getting much worse very quickly .. and sent him home with a morphine prescription and told us palliative care would be in touch with us to take over .. Now we are […]


Heya, he is off the respirator & breathing on his own. No more seizures & we were told he is stable, amazing news Please share this wonderful news and offer your support to the family


My family have used & benefited greatly from Matthew’s work.. My wee nephew had Meningitis and Septicemia at 18 days old, now a happy healthy normal 4-year-old boy ..he was told by the medics that he’d be deaf blind and possibly never walk. He’s doing all the things he should be doing & he is […]

Mary Mc

My daughter’s anxiety is much better, so that’s great improvement, thank you so much.

Linda M

Hiya Grace, biopsy was clear today in James thank god! A massive thank you to yourself and Mathew so far so good , I will be in touch for a healing shortly 

Gerry Ralph

Mary went for eye test today.Everything perfect.No sign of cataracts.And we know why.Thanks so much for your healing treatment


I reached out to Matthew and Gracie following an outbreak of an autoimmune disease called Hiddrenitis Supprativia. I had surgery in January 2024. I was a bit sceptical at first as it was not healing, and this was why I looked for help from Matthew and Gracie after reading some amazing testimonials. I am happy […]

Bridget O Neill

Just an updateMathew and Grace. When my mam first got her MDS blood cancerdiagnosis, April 23′ her only treatment option was Chemo and 3 weeklyinjections to help her haemoglobin levels and blood transfusions. It was 50/50,whether chemo would improve her bloods or not. She hadn’t made her mind up about treatment, andby the end of […]


M….. was diagnosed with ASD. She had very little speech and has several issues. She is hypersensitive, doesn’t like loud noises and has a fear of our back door, she would go into a complete meltdown and would bang her head of the floor tiles if you go near or open the back door. All […]