Words can’t describe how grateful we are to Matt & Gracie. Our 5 year old shane who was 4 at the time was hit by a car back in August last year. He had a severe brain injury, broken collar bone, broken 1st & 2nd rib, broken tibia and a lacerated spleen. He was rushed to temple street where he was kept medically induced coma for a week and a half. During this time I spoke to Matt & he would heal shane over video chat while in the ICU. We had no idea how shane would be once he woke up due to the bleed and the possibility of swelling but Matt gave me so much hope. Shane woke up slowly and with a bit of time and with Matts help he began to start acting like himself.
Shanes fracture in his leg wasn’t healing and we thought he might need to have an operation but matt said he would work on it and a week later the x ray showed the leg was finally healing properly.
An early CT had shown pockets of fluid in Shanes brain and Matt worked on these and told me not to worry. Shanes recent CT has shown the fluid is completely gone.

I remember begging Matt to bring my Baby boy back to me and he said he would do everything he could, now 8 months on and shane is back to his same old self.

Shane was left with a tremor in his R arm and blind in his L eye but without matt I know it could have been so much worse. We still speak with Matt & Gracie and shane is improving so much every day. We are so blessed and it really is a miracle. I will never be able to thank Matt enough, for healing shane and giving me the strength to stay strong for Shane in the worse time of our lives.

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