I would highly recommend Matthew. His Healing’s are truly amazing. I was in extreme pain for months with a herniated disc in my lower back that was pushing on nerves and causing extreme pain and sciatica in my legs to the point that I could barely stand up some days and was not able to sleep because the pain was that bad. Before I got the healing treatments with Matthew, I had been taking painkillers and had got a cortisone injection in my back recommended by doctors to try help with the pain, but nothing was helping. I live in Australia, so I did the healing sessions over the phone and with the time difference some of the sessions were late evenings for Matthew and Gracie and this was never a problem for them. They would always make the time. Even thought it was done over the phone, I could feel the healing happening in my body whilst it was been done. After my first session with Matthew, I noticed a massive difference as the pain was already starting to ease. I did three more sessions with Matthew, each time the pain would decrease and now I have barely any pain and can walk around with no restrictions and do not have to take pain killers to.

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