Hi Matthew, Melissa Mark and Kian here, we just wanted to thank you for all your help with Baby Kian since his birth 7 weeks ago, as you may remember Kian was very sick in Crumlin Hospital since birth and was very weak, as he was born with Hirschsprung Disease, where the nerve cells in his bowel are dead but since the day we spoke to you Kian has improved so so much and is a different child since you worked on him. He has grown stronger and stronger over the weeks, and we can’t believe the change in him. We will be forever grateful for all your help and the communication you have had with us over the weeks. Every week we have noticed a big change in Kian. Thank you for all your help and we will be over to see you when all this Covid-19 passes and it’s safe for you to meet with us.
Sorry it’s late .. but thank you so much to you both.

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