I contacted Matthew and Grace 4 weeks ago – my dad was 3 months fighting Covid on a ventilator – he was ventilated and not responsive despite the care plans and treatment – doctors told us we needed a miracle as my dad’s prognosis was not good, Covid had weakened him and the long battle had taken its toll. I reached out to Matthew and asked for a miracle – within 36 hrs after speaking to Matthew, my dad woke up alert, no temperature for the first time in almost 3 months. He was able to mouth his words and we could lip read. He started to finally move his fingers and one of his hands after 3 months. It was tough but he was showing signs of improvements. 2 weeks on, my dad suffered a cardiac arrest, he was not expected to pull through, we were told he would arrest any minute and he would pass…we stayed by his side for 3 days. I updated Matthew and after 3 days my dad had stabilised, no long-term effects caused from the cardiac arrest. My dad grew stronger & finally after 101 days in Covid ICU my dad was strong enough to go to main ICU. My dad is now talking through a speaker valve, he can slightly move both legs, move both hands, move shoulders, he has the most amazing zest for life and smiling and laughing, every day, he is growing stronger, achieving milestones each day… His doctors say “it is a miracle he is here today”. I asked for a miracle – I got a miracle – my dad is smiling, getting stronger and I have no doubt the healing from Matthew helped. It was almost like a switch for my dad. I wont deny he has the most amazing medical team but my dad woke suddenly, alert and has baffled his doctors on how he has overcome recent events so amazingly and after such a long stay in ICU, the doctors are now confident my dad will survive his fight from Covid.

Matthew and Grace stayed in touch, giving words of support and encouragement while healing my dad and for that, I’m eternally grateful to them both, they both believed, and they gave us the miracle we so needed for my dad.

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