I contacted Matthew and Gracie regarding my friends daughter (3 years old) who was very ill in ICU, she was on a ventilator & the Doctors weren’t fully sure what was wrong with her as she suddenly became ill. She was also in renal failure. Today she off the ventilator & sitting out on her parents knees She is making a miraculous recovery. Matthew & Gracie made lots of contact with me over the last week regarding this little girl.

I have worked with Matthew and Gracie in the past regarding my own kids as they suffered with kidneys problems, and we also received great results. We will be forever grateful that’s things are really on the up for the little girl and her family. Thank you as always Matthew and Gracie.

An Update On The Miracle Girl… She was out sitting on her parent’s knees today imagine after 10days of your treatment. She is now sitting up eating chips watching cartoons today.

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