I would highly recommend Matthew Lennon,

first time I went to Matthew was about 3 yrs ago in Tullamore Court Hotel for a healing on a very painful right knee that I couldn’t even kneel on, and I can honestly say I never looked back.

In more recent times I had great video healing sessions for a chronic cough that I had for months, couldn’t sleep at night and no medication worked. After a few sessions of video calls I’m very much improved, I can cope much better and I’m sleeping much better will still have a few more sessions of Matthew’s wonderful healing.

I have had severe back pain for weeks and was in agony after a few Sessions with Matthew I’m now pain free and not suffering every day as I did.

As a health care worker I need my back to be pain free to be able to do my job every day in the community.

I’m so grateful to Matthew for the great video calls, they are really relaxing and peaceful. if you open your heart and mind to Matthew’s great healing work, you will receive the wonderful benefit of healing. highly recommend this man and I’m looking forward to my next video healing session. Also big thank you to Gracie, such a lovely lady, Matthew’s assistant.

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