Thank you Mathew and Grace for all the healing for Martin who is now 2 1/2 he has Cortical Vision Impairment due to a bleed in the brain at birth, but is on an amazing journey of healing since he was baby with Mathew and Grace, The first few weeks of Martins life were hard from the bleed in the head his muscle tone was quiet lymp and we were told by the medics he might not sit up or even walk but today he has beaten all the odds, From Martins latest head scan the doctors are happy his ventricles in his brain has reduced and they were quiet happy with his progress for such a young age ???? thank you Matthew and Grace for all the healing and the positivity for us as Parents ???????? He understands everything we say, reaches out to grab certain toys, has loads of words, is pulling himself up and walks around, even headed up 2 steps of the stairs and carefully navigated back down himself safely… the confidence and his ability is amazing ???? thank you Mathew and Grace for the amazing work you do ????????

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