Thank you so much for your healing treatment on my 3 year old Son. Since Christmas he had been getting stitch like pains in one particular spot on his side every few days. I took him to the Doctor twice who told me to keep an eye on him. The pains got more consistent, occurring daily so I took him to hospital in April on 2 occasions for bloods and x-ray, to be eventually told he must be constipated, so was given Laxido/ Movicol l . I was not convinced and left feeling very upset as I knew my Child was not constipated (also used
Bristol Stool Chart) as he was having 2 normal movements a day and has a great diet/lifestyle. I gave him 2 doses of the Laxido which gave him severe diarrhoea, so I immediately stopped. I arranged a healing with Matthew and my son has had ZERO pains since that treatment! It’s now 6 weeks later and I am so grateful every day for the wonderful healing Matthew provided! Thank you so much to you and Gracie.

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