My daughter became very ill recently after receiving the Bexsero meningococcal b vaccine. I woke in the night less than 10 hours after she received the vaccine to find her eyes rolling back in her head, she was having a seizure, her lips had turned blue. We rushed her to hospital straight away, but the seizures continued for almost a week. I have never been more petrified in my life than I was that week in hospital. Unfortunately my daughter now has epilepsy because of receiving that vaccine and has to take keppra twice daily. When she started keppra it slowed down the seizures but didn’t stop them, so they increased the dose but again she continued to have seizures, so they increased the dose again but the neurologist expected it to take some time before the seizures would stop. I know one of the neurologists expected her to need another anti-seizure medication to stop the seizures but the medication she wanted to use had bad side effects so we asked for some time to allow the keppra to work in hope that by some miracle she would heal. My aunts friend recommended that I contact Matthew for to get a healing done for my daughter. I contacted Matthew last Sunday and luckily, he was free to do a healing via video call in the hospital on Monday, on Tuesday evening the seizures stopped. I know the doctors weren’t expecting them to stop that suddenly as I remember the neurologist saying he didn’t expect to see any change again Wednesday which was the next time he would be seeing us. Words cannot express the weight that lifted off mine or my husband’s shoulders when the seizures stopped. I have seen loved ones suffering and I’ve suffered the loss of loved ones in my lifetime, but nothing has hit me as hard as watching my baby having multiple seizures. I was so scared of losing her, she had that many seizures that I lost track of how many she had. The pain she went through from all the needles being insert for blood tests and IV’s being put in was heart-breaking to watch as was watching her have a lumbar puncture done. I could do nothing to help her all I could do was stay by her side and pray and hope that somehow, she would get better. I hope that no parent has to go through what we went through but sadly after talking to hospital staff I know that we weren’t the first parents to have a child go through this after receiving a vaccine and unfortunately, we won’t be the last. If you find yourself in our shoes or know anyone who ends up there, I would highly recommend you contact Matthew for a healing.

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