Our 16-year-old daughter developed Anorexia Nervosa over the last year since lockdowns and COVID happened. She deteriorated rapidly after Christmas this year and was hospitalised for 7 years. Matthew and Grace started working with her after 5 weeks of hospitalisation when we were waiting for an inpatient bed to become available in an eating disorder unit. She responded immediately to treatment. The voice in her head became more distant and less tormenting and she began to try different food like meat that she had not eaten in months. After 2 weeks of treatment we were able to take her home and attend the eating disorder unit as an outpatient. Matthew has continued to work with her, and we are now 4 weeks home and she continues to make good progress. She has now been taken off the waiting list for an inpatient bed. She does continue to have bad days, but we are beginning to see our old daughter back at times. We know she has a long road ahead but know it would be longer without Matthew and Graces help.

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