Hi wonderful people. I’m just saying hello and giving you a quick update on our superhero Xxx.  Grace, I think you’ll particularly love this! I’m just back from the trio’s first GAA training in the nursery. Xxx never looked back and took part in everything.  She’s the most confident little girl I’ve ever met. She sailed through her first year of preschool, is doing the same in the second year. Counting in Irish and English. She gave up the soother over night a long time ago and potty trained in two days when it was time!


Her speech is advanced for her age and she literally never stops talking …. Plus has a cracking sense of humour.

Basically she’s doing everything we were told she wouldn’t. We are so thankful and know she and we are truly blessed because she is such a miracle.

We took your great advice and never told her about diagnosis or labels.


Thank you so much for all you have done for Xxx. She is such a powerful reminder that there is a divine energy behind everything.

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