Hi, Matthew and Grace, I had a WhatsApp video call with Matthew on Monday evening, and so glad and so so appreciate you both, I was waiting on hearing back from the doctor, I rang the doctor today, asking was my blood results back, they said yes, but we will get the nurse or doctor to get on to you, with results of blood and blood pressure, so I waited patiently, thinking of you both, praying and hoping all would be ok, at about 6:00, this evening shaking answering the phone to the doctor, for him to tell me all your bloods are fine and your blood pressure, I have had cholesterol high since 201 5, and maybe vitamin D or iron low, at times, down through the years, but even the doctor said, your cholesterol has never been this low and I don’t need medication, he said if I’m back again some time, to get my blood pressure checked or check it at home, but it’s fine, while he was talking I was thinking of you both, I really want to thank you both, so so much, Matthew you do amazing work, this is twice you have helped me, I cried with my daughters after, it was such a relief and so happy, A massive thank you to you both and Matthew, God bless you and your amazing work, Thank you, Thank you

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