Hi Matthew & Grace,

I have brought my two teenage daughters to see you on two open days in the last few weeks. My eldest girl suffers from depression, anxiety and has had feelings towards ending her life. After her first open day, there was a noticeable difference in her being much calmer in situations she would have otherwise been very anxious. Again today, after yesterday’s open day much calmer in herself.

My youngest daughter was in a car accident 12 months ago, although her injuries were severe, she recovered from them within three months however not mentally. She has been diagnosed with ADHD, PTSD, has bouts of depression and anxiety and has had two overdose attempts in the last four months. Getting her to stay in school has been challenging and getting her to go to classes a struggle for the school most days. She lost patience on the first day and didn’t see you but saw you on-Sunday. Today, unexpectedly I had to collect her early from school & I couldn’t believe my ears when she said “Mammy, I am having such a great day today, I don’t want to go home”! I couldn’t believe my ears furthermore as a result of my daughters suffering, I am stressed all of the time which results in immense back pain of which I didn’t elect on Sunday for healing (just wanted the girls concentrated on), I did however join the circle at the end of Session 1 with my daughters. At the end of the circle session my back pain had disappeared!

You truly are gifted Matthew and I thank God I learnt about you a few weeks ago. Looking forward to our next session.

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