Our 3yr olds ASD update.
Diagnosed between level 2 & 3.
I would like to say a massive thank you for the ongoing progress my 3yr old is constantly making. Because without you, we wouldn’t be at the stage we are. Before we started with Mathew and Gracie, he was nonverbal. Now he attempts every word we say. He’s so happy now to greet people, whereas before, he wouldn’t tolerate anyone in his company. He’s so outgoing now, the difference is shocking!! He makes constant eye contact now. He can express himself perfectly, which drastically lowered his meltdowns. He counts 1-100 forwards and backwards. 100-1000 in hundreds, now learning his words. He constantly hugs and kisses us now, seeking affection that’s an unbelievable change. He blows us away everyday with something new! In only a couple of months he made all this progress, with Mathew’s and Gracie’s help.
Since we seen Matthew his whole world has opened up.

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