Xxx was diagnosed with a glioblastoma grade IV inoperable on 19th December. It was quite a shock as he had very few symptoms other than his leg feeling ‘dead’ a couple of times in the previous 3 weeks. He had a full-blown seizure and ended up in hospital with ct on brain showing the tumour. A biopsy followed which confirmed the diagnosis and the doctors declared it inoperable.
The tumour is on his premotor strip When he left hospital he was on high doses of steroids and came off them too quickly ended up in hospital in wheelchair unable to use his right side. He had to be assisted with feeding, dressing etc.) had radiotherapy for 6 weeks and throughout that time his mobility wasn’t great. When he left, he could barely go to the toilet on a Walker from his bed. While his mobility improved when he got home, he was still on a walker and only walked in the house. We used a wheelchair for anything further. The steroids were reduced again and 5 days off had a seizure which left him without his mobility again in his right leg and foot. He walked by dragging his leg and not very far. He couldn’t lift his foot or leg. lt was difficult to get in and out of bed, turn or roll and he obviously required assistance 22 for washing and dressing himself etc.
This is when we contacted Matthew and Grace. After that first session I asked him to lift his foot. He could lift it from the ground. The next day he could lift it on to a stool! He could get in and out of bed without dragging himself. He hasn’t used the walker since then. He can walk with a crutch for safety and without, he can kneel down, stand upright without aid, wash and dress himself, he can light the fire, bring in turf etc..
After the 2nd session his mobility improved again. He couldn’t engage his toes and his 2nd toe began to move. His walking gait was smoother and easier. He mowed the lawn and ploughed his veg patch today. His colour is better. It is amazing to see the improvements! It gives him huge hope for the future. The doctors didn’t hold out much hope for any improvement. We are delighted and will continue the sessions with Matthew and Grace. Absolutely delighted to have him back on his feet! It makes such a difference to his quality of life. Words can’t capture how grateful we are for this healing. Thank you, Matthew and Grace and God bless your healing gifts.
Thanks a million Grace…he just walked to the room without the crutches

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