Adrian & Therese share their testimonial

When our son was born, he was checked over by the Doctors and everything seemed perfect when leaving the hospital.

When we brought him home, he was very unsettled and found it very hard to sleep.

I was breastfeeding until I got mastitis & contacted Matthew & Gracie for treatment.

(Matthew alerted me to stop breastfeeding & he treated & cleared my mastitis.)

We tried him with different formulas, but nothing worked.

He would scream and I would cry, the only way he was comfortable to sleep was up straight against me in a sling. It was getting to the point where we were both exhausted.

Despite been given clearance that everything was perfect leaving the hospital, our son was clearly distressed & uncomfortable. We knew something was clearly wrong but couldn’t identify the issue.

Further check-ups showed no problem.

From a photo, Matthew diagnosed a problem in our son’s breastbone / sternum, which he outlined was causing pain & discomfort.

Matthew worked on him through video calls & photos & his breastbone slowly knitted & improved back into position.

The problem may have been caused during delivery / genetic.

He also had stomach issues with high acidity & regurgitating his foods which Matthew also Healed.

He had a bowel obstruction and also hip dysplasia. (See video)

We cannot thank you enough for what you have done for our son. Your work has made a huge difference to our lives & the lives of so many across the world.


Thank you Adrian & Therese, your true testimonial will have positive impact on the lives & health of others.


Matthew & Gracie