I would 100% recommend any other parent in a similar situation to contact Matthew and Gracie.

My 17 day old daughter who had severe reflux and was crying /screaming for 4/5 hours straight at a time and unsettled throughout the night has had 3 sessions with Matthew and I cant even begin to say the difference in her since the sessions.
We were only getting an hours sleep at night and having had a daughter with reflux and colic already we had introduced everything we had done with our eldest daughter to no real improvement.
I had been with the doctor at my daughters 2 week check and had queried starting the same medication my eldest daughter had been on to try make my baby comfortable and pain free but due to her being so young this wasn’t an option at that time.
On another sleepless night I messaged Matthew and Gracie to see if I could possibly get an appointment, the very next day my daughter had her first session with Matthew and we couldn’t believe she slept from 12.30 until 4am, had a bottle and went back to sleep and slept until 6.30/7am that very night after the first session.
We have had 2 further sessions with Matthew and with each session our little girl has improved further. She honestly is a different little baby since the sessions and its just amazing to see her out of pain!!!
We cant thank Matthew and Gracie enough for all their help and not to mention Matthew when getting my daughters history of being breastfed then moving to formula due to unfortunately a very difficult time feeding which resulted in painful wounds and mastitis for myself, Matthew offered to heal me as well whilst doing the session with my daughter. That night I didn’t have to get up to pump to stop the pain and the pain/wounds have gone on to heal fully with no further treatment needed.
I can honestly say I’m so extremely grateful to Matthew and Gracie for all they have done and to have our baby so dramatically improved is out of this world.
I would 100% recommend any other parent in a similar situation to contact Matthew and Gracie.