I’ll start by saying thank you God.

It’s because of God and only God that we are in the position we are in being able to thank Matthew and Gracie for the divine God given gift he is able to help us with.

For that, I’ll always be eternally grateful.

It was the day I was in tears and sick of spending countless dollars on treatments that weren’t helping and endless supplements or medications that they were recommending that I turned my heart to God. I prayed for an answer and just as simple as the prayer was, although, much of it was begging and pleading for answers for Maeve…I came to my phone minutes later to find the first thing to pop up was an ad about the world healing centre.

So, because of my prayer I decided to choose to open my mind, and I’m glad i did.

Maeve started treatments about a week ago, and I’ve seen her progress in different ways.

I know we still have a little more work to do, and I know we can get there now with Matthew’s help.

The first day of treatment she was calm, noticeably. Typically, this is not a common occurrence.

She then was able to hold her bathroom urges longer.

The second treatment came, and I noticed her socializing with another boy, another 7-year-old. She doesn’t usually want anything to do with kids her age, so this was very different.

Also, less accidents and less urges to go.

Less screaming and less meltdowns overall.

The fact that she didn’t just Play “alongside” this boy, but WITH him made my heart so full.

After the third treatment Maeve started counting her tomatoes, singing her own made-up songs about tomatoes and she even told me “red and blue makes purple”

NO accidents today.

I’m shocked.

I want to just say thank you to Gracie and Matthew for being loving and kind and doing God’s work.

You’re a light in what could be a dark world and I see your light very brightly. 🌞

God bless the both of you and anyone who wants to work with them, I don’t regret a moment of this.

Thank you. Love from America 🇺🇸