I want to introduce you to AJ, one of the brightest kids I have met & worked with in my many years as a Healer. I was introduced to AJ when he was a baby.

AJ is now almost 7 years old & his story goes back to preverbal days @ 2 years & 7 months when his parents were concerned about his speech / development.

His Mum & Dad decided to put an intensive Healing Programme in place often travelling over 3 + hours to our venues & obviously 3 + hours home & waiting for hours to be seen. ( We had roughly 350 people in attendance at our clinics & often queuing from 4.30am).

His focus was directed to the great outdoors by his Granny, helping her with garden maintenance etc, this gave him a great understanding of herbs & the importance of growing your own organic vegetables.

Fast forward to today & AJ is making great progress with school & sport ( Football, Martial Arts & Speech & Drama).

Today, AJ’s mum sent us this picture of him receiving his cert & medal for reading 10 books over the summer holidays. (With his parents’ permission, we are sharing AJ’s story).

He is exceptionally bright. I think he would make a great Doctor. He has great empathy & attitude towards humans and animals.