A few years ago, our daughter, who was 9 years old at the time, was very ill for four months with chronic pains in her tummy. It was an extremely worrying time for all of us. She couldn’t attend school, was in such horrendous pain, she needed two ambulance trips to the hospital, and night after night, we were attending A&E, but got no results. After many stints in the hospital, including an 8 day stay, where they ran every examination available, the doctors were baffled, and she came home with two shopping bags full of painkillers. After taking the painkillers, which brought little relief, it stopped her going to the toilet for 19 days. Every day she was told to take a scary amount of laxatives, but still couldn’t go. We were at our wits end. We took her to Mathew, knowing if anyone could help, then he could. And he did. It took only fifteen minutes of Mathew working with her to tell us why she was suffering, she had caught a bad bug which had left her with a mutation of the intestines, and to take away her pain, and to clear her bowels. She was so well afterwards that no one; teachers, family, friends, could believe it.

I have known Mathew for a long time now. When attending his practice in Holywood, each time the miracle stories in the waiting room have never ceased to amaze me.

Right now, I have had acute Achillies tendonitis for a few years. It has been devasting to my career and social life. I thought with Mathew and Gracie being away, helping people across the globe, I wouldn’t be able to receive help, but I was mistaken. I have just started receiving healing sessions through facetime, and for the first time in a few years I have hope that I will get better. There was a noticeable reduction in pain after the first session. It’s mind boggling to think he can feel the vibrations through the phone and is able to work this way. I will write an update after I receive all my sessions, but already I am feeling the benefit.