Thank you Matthew and Gracie

Xx had a healing with you last week and wow the progress he made since that day is just beautiful and amazing.

He has been calling me mama, mummy and oggi ( he had stopped calling me these names for months. He never could say mummy before.

He said hot and pointed to his throat when he had tonsilitis. He has never been able to describe hot or cold or anything like that, that was huge for me to hear that.
Saying yum yum when eating.
Pointing and adding the first letter of the word of the thing he wants or saying a sound with directions. Completely new.
Said zzzzzz when moving a toy horse up and down
Said yes and yeah and no.
Will hand over iPhone if we say it’s time for a break now or it’s out of power.
Doesn’t cry etc.
Said t and pointed up repeatedly to mum and dad in the pool when we were saying tornedo and lifting him up. He was instructing us to do the same.

Holding mums nose in the pool to tell me to dive down under the water

Got out of the pool and started coaching mum and dad to dive down and get the dive weights he was throwing to us.

Singing away happily to himself instead of making this really harsh shrieking pitch sound he used to make if he was overexcited/ bored etc. The sound was the hardest for me to deal with. He still makes a version of it but softer and only when excited and not for too long which has been easier on my ears. Amen to that.

Laughing in his sleep – literally crying laughing so lovely to listen to.

Took out two dino toys and said “d say roar” to me.

He said bop bop a few times today. My husband was crying – we tried for years to get him to say it and I was just singing bippity boppity boo to him when he said bop bop over and over pointing to his bottle.

We can’t thank you enough.