We want to congratulate AJ & the family for his wonderful achievements at this young age.

When AJ came to us at 2 years & 7 months, he was nonverbal/preverbal. His mum & dad brought him for Healing to many of our clinics across the country, often travelling many hours on long journeys.

With the help of his wonderful parents, his development started, and he made great progress.

His Mum & Dad were very understanding & gave him the help & support that he needed.

He had no medical intervention, only our Healing treatment.

AJ is now 6 years old, playing football, martial arts & doing speech & drama.

AJ recently played Prince Charming in a play called “For The Love Of Shoes” where he sang a duet (Michael Bublé – “Everything”)

He is very articulate & can speak in 3 languages.

AJ showed great interest in the outdoors, thanks to the influence of his granny aka Nana, she kept him working with her in the garden from an early age & now he is planting his own vegetable patch (potatoes, peas, corn, pumpkins, carrots, shallots, red onions, lettuce, cabbage, scallions and cucumber- ALL ORGANIC)