Level 2 Asd.
We contacted Mathew for my son who has autism. It was the best decision of our lives. My son went from non verbal, withdrawn, and living in his own peaceful world, to the total opposite. His vocabulary is unlimited, and a lot of very colourful words too these days ? he loves to talk so much, he natters 24hrs a day. He counts in 1000’s. Even in his sleep!! There’s nothing he wouldn’t attempt to say or try. He’s the life and soul of every meeting. He’s loud and very proud, and makes a massive impact on other peoples lives. He has overcome obstacles with Mathews help, that doctors said would never be. Their words were “it is what it is”
Well not in my boys world, he’s never finished with improving and it comes so naturally to him now. His personality absolutely blossomed after our sessions with Mathew. We could never thank him and grace enough for giving him the outstanding healing they did. He’s a typical boy that loves dancing, gaming, messing, and full of cheek now ❤ I don’t fear for him later on in life now, because Mathew brought him on leaps and bounds that gave him the best outcome and fantastic ability for life. within a few weeks of his sessions!!!! There’s not enough words to thank this legend for what he’s done, please don’t hesitate to contact Mathew, he makes the impossible more that possible. Xxxxxxxxx