I want to thank Matthew & Gracie for the help they have given me… I had been recommended by a friend whom Matthew had also helped with for another issue.

I’m feeling a lot better and more comfortable in myself … I was suffering badly with anxiety and stress due to what life had thrown at me .. hectic work schedule & bad relationship breakup leading to not enough “ME” time ….I had lost my confidence and thought I could fix myself with time and try & hide my issues …As this has be ongoing for nearly a year and half I was ashamed and embarrassed to try get help!!

Unfortunately I was suffering that bad , I started having panic attacks after a night out … which were uncontrollable & the worst experience I’ve ever felt!! I knew from there I needed help!! Quick!!

Matthew talked to me & Prayed for me… ALSO WHICH WAS KEY was some scarifies I had to make on my own… I’m feeling much better.. I used to get into a panic in social setting whereby my head would be in overdrive with thoughts running through my head.. panicking and overthinking…sometimes I couldn’t eat or drink … thinking I was going to get sick or have to use the bathroom… sometimes I’d feel my heart ready to come through my chest it was beating so hard…the sheer panic in my head would send my body into overdrive and would cause my Stomach to be in a bad way!! Leaving me a mess. I avoided a night out or social interactions because of way I was feeling…after all a night out is meant to be enjoyable it was the complete opposite for me…

Thankfully after a few sessions with Matthew guiding me and helping me … also along with my own changes and scarifies I feel I am on the mend!!! 🙏🏻 First time in a year and a half whereby I had extremely low anxiety levels and hopefully it’ll only get better and get confidence back 🙏🏻

Matthew & Gracie regularly checked on me on what’s app and this was very reassuring…Thanks very much Matthew…your help will never be forgotten 🙏🏻