Hello Matthew and Gracie, how are you? I haven’t been in touch in a while so thought I’d give you an update on our little superhero ❤️

She started mainstream school in September and loving it. Reading, writing, counting and doing everything and doing it well 💪. Loves PE and has a dance class every week. What we were told would be impossible happens everyday. Oh and she loves to talk.. a complete chatterbox 🤣(I wonder where she got from ha)

Thank you so much for all your help over the years, all the kindness and support. Our little miracle is a joy in every way 🙏🙏🙏

Just to add….. When I asked the consultant who told us about bilateral intraventricular haemorrhage and extensive PVL “is there any way she could be ok, or close to ok, or overcome the injury? “He said with a very sympathetic head shake that IT WAS NOT POSSIBLE, THE DAMAGE WAS TOO BAD”

The good Lord said “ Not true , IT IS POSSIBLE”