Initial Enquiry:

Hi Grace, is it possible to get a session with Matthew my father is very low in hospital he was attacked by a bull last Sunday week has had all broken ribs broken and 4 vertebrae broken oedema around lungs 2 bleeds on brain and brain bruising and went downhill on Wednesday discovered laceration grade 4 in liver bleeding into capsule surrounding liver now fluid all gathering around his lungs kidney not working properly have decided to put him on dialysis and induced coma now can we have a session as soon as available please with Matthew

During Healing Treatment:

Hi everyone, we are here with Daddy, he is doing very well. They took Daddy off ventilator this morning and he is doing really well. He is taking deep breaths himself and mucas seems to be moving. He is on oxygen but not required a lot, so is good. He is off dialysis as well and passing urine. Bleeding has stopped. Physio was around as well, doing exercises. Really good day.

Daddy is now sitting out in a chair today, amazing.