Dear Matthew,

A huge, big thank you, you saved me from having a colostomy bag after serious operation for extreme endometriosis, it was so badly needed to have bowel reconstruction with colostomy bag as endometriosis was so severe around my insides long story short rang, Matthew 2 days before surgery to do healing on me. The day of surgery colostomy specialist nurse came to do markings for bag after surgery l told her l’m not going to need bag, poor woman looked at me as if to say, yeah you think l never heard it before anyway woke up in ICU and first thing l did was feel my tummy for bag.

No bag l cried tears of joy.

Thank you again Matthew, you truly are gifted. l believe in you.

Doctors & nurses came into see me & said to me that all the women that had this extreme surgery in 10 years they never seen 1 without colostomy bag. A million thank yous. xxxx

Big huge thank you to Gracie too .xxxx