I was having treatment with Matthew for another matter when he discovered, I had a lump in my right breast which went undetected in scans.

I was diagnosed with a lump (3.5 x 2.3cm) in my right breast.

When the doctors discovered the breast lump, they started to panic due to the seriousness of the situation.

I asked Matthew how long this would take & his reply was “as long as it takes because everyone is different”

I decided to continue my healing treatment with Matthew & Gracie, we put an intensive Healing programme in place and after a number of weeks the breast lump disappeared to the shock and amazement of the consultants.

I am delighted I took on board what Matthew said & the results are proof of his amazing work.

I had no other treatment & no surgery.

Thank you for your exceptional work, your patience in treating me & your kind manner in which you conduct your appointments.

  1. I’ll be forever grateful for your amazing work❤️