Dear Matthew & Grace,
I will be forever grateful to you for your kindness, care and your special gift of healing Matthew. It’s been a long journey for me 10years in total before diagnoses, since 2003 I was back and forth to the GP and hospital with severe headaches. I was informed they were migraines. I Had Bells Palsy in 2009. No CT scan was requested at that time. In February of 2012 experiencing double vision. Attended hospital double vision and headaches II went to the Optician in October thinking I needed glasses. She seen the Tumour and never said but referred me to an Opthamologist. I was informed on the 12-12-2012 @ 12.20pm I had a brain tumour, and it was in 50% of my head and 50% of my neck at that stage and time was of the essence to have it removed or I’d be blind. As it was in the Pituitary Gland and wrapped around the optic nerve, I had a crainyothomy and was in the high dependency unit (HDU) for 12 days. I had a stroke on the 15 day when I was back in the ward. I was sent back to HDU and it was a long road back. The tumour was back in 2017 and had my operation in 2019 as I was suffering from TIA’s at that stage. They went in through the upper gum, but I was left with a CSF leak which is a story in itself. May 2021 during Covid I had my 3rd surgery through the nose to plug the hole in the brain with muscle from my upper leg. This was successful. I had radiotherapy and was put on tablets which I didn’t need and were making me so ill. Its thanks to Matthew that I am here today fit and healthy and leading a normal life, I have my energy back, feeling good & in the gym twice a week.
I will forever be grateful to Matthew and Grace and pray to God to give him strength to continue his work. Please share on your facebook page. 🙏❤