Original Enquiry…..

Saturday night:

Hi Gracie, my daughter XX is experiencing concerning symptoms. She lost feeling down her left arm and left leg. Her speech has been slightly slurred. She was out for dinner and her right eyeball started to sting. She then felt dizzy and thought she was going to faint. Then her feeling went in her left arm and leg, she said it feels dead, heavy, and numb. From looking at her, her face seems a bit asymmetrical at times but when she smiles it appears symmetrical. She was struggling to walk when I collected her. She also got quite upset.

A similar thing to this happened about 2 weeks ago but she also felt numb in her face and head at that time. We brought her to the doctor, and she said it was a viral infection. Could Mathew help her?

She had a stroke following open heart surgery to fix an aortic arch dissection. Thanks very much, xx

After Healing Treatment

Sunday night:

Hi Mathew and Gracie, just want to let you know that XX dead leg and arm and mouth is 70% better today. She still has the numbness and the dead feeling in her arm and leg. Her mouth is slightly downturned, but her speech is back to normal. She has hiccups all day.

Wednesday (Today):

Hi Gracie, XX arm is back to normal. She is in good form today. More energy. Im so very grateful for this healing. It is soooo amazing how quickly it has worked. It was Saturday night when she got the symptoms and this morning, she was back 100% normal. Wow.

What an incredible result ❤️❤️

We worked with this young lady every day ❤️