We first met this young man of 87 (9 years ago) when he lost his eyesight due to a stroke & during our Healing session, his eyesight came back fully. He was able to see detail from a distant.

Fast forward when he had a 2nd stroke he was given very little hope by the medics.

For several days, this man was waiting at the GOLDEN GATES, waiting for a voice to say “COME” & the good Lord came & said “BACK TO EARTH, MORE WORK TO BE DONE”.

We treated him shortly afterwards & everyone was shocked including ourselves to find that he was devouring chicken & chips! He hardly had time to talk to us because he said “he was starving”! 😂

We have said over the years when treating this young man, that he was like a cat with 9 lives.. I told him the other day, that he was like 2 cats with 18 lives… 🐈🐈 & he smiled 😊

I have treated 100s & 1,000s of people across the world in my nearly 80 years but this young man is special. His family is also special in the way that they care for him.

I won’t give you his name nor where he is from but I will tell you that there isn’t enough people on earth like him ❤️

Blessings today & all days 🙌