By the time she had IAC Chemo in Birmingham her tumor shrunk 90%

Fantastic news for Rachel & her family as she rings the Cancer Free Bell 🙂

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I contacted Matthew the day my 5 year old daughter got diagnosed with Retinoblastoma Cancer  (Tumor size 9.5mm x 6mm x 5mm) in one eye from that day on things started to improve we were told the next day the tumor wasn’t as big as they first thought. 

We had a number of sessions with Matthew in close proximity to each other together with monitoring with different scans. 

By the time she had IAC Chemo in Birmingham her tumor shrunk 90% . 

She was the talk of the hospital for all the right reasons they were amazed and shocked by her impressive response .

Roughly only eight children a year in Ireland are diagnosed with this condition. The cancer is so rare, there was no course of treatment available in Ireland.

She didn’t need as much treatment as first thought . She is doing amazing now her tumor is gone and she just having laser treatment . 

She remained well throughout all her treatment . 

Thank you Mathew and Gracie

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Matthew & Gracie