"No human hands can do this work, this is the work of the Divine"

1. Friday night – Young boy critically ill…
“I have just spoken to the consultant, xx was so seriously sick last night, he said a lot of people that come in that sick don’t come out again”
4 days later (Tuesday)
He was sent home from hospital after making a miraculous recovery.
We treated this young boy every day.
(Ireland 🇮🇪)
2. Sunday night A young lady in hospital critically ill with heart & lung problems..
Her heart was 3 times larger than normal due to a built up of fluid. Her heart rate was dangerously high & fluctuating, together with a swollen left leg & ankle.
3 days later (Wednesday)
Her heart rate has stabilised.
She lost 15 kg of fluid from heart & lungs.
She is no longer oxygen dependent.
Today, she walked for the first time….
We treated this young lady every day.
(Ireland 🇮🇪)
3. A young man of 33, had a serious road accident resulting in severe brain injuries.
Fluid on heart & lungs.
A stroke & other blood clots.
Also ventilated.
2 weeks after his accident, he was given no hope & Matthew began to work with him.
The ventilator has been removed, breathing on his own.
Kidneys are no longer supported.
Severe Pneumonia is no longer an issue.
He is moving his head & eyes.
He is following visitors around the room by turning his head & eyes.
He is lifting his hand, arm & moving his leg.
(America 🇺🇸)
4. A young man had a road accident at the age of seventeen (17 years old) resulting in thirty five years (35 years) in a wheelchair.
He had severe neurological & physical damage.
After Matthew’s Healing treatment, he is now walking & communicating.
(Mexico 🇲🇽)
5. On Monday, a young boy of 4, diagnosed Autistic & nonverbal started babbling for the first time after Matthew’s Healing session.
(UK 🇬🇧)
Serious illness / injuries like these require intensive Healing Treatment every day. 🙏🙌
Matthew & Gracie