If you are suffering from Lymphoedema this testimonial will resonate with you.
Diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphedema 12 years ago.


It all began when my mam cut her shins on a ladder and got cellulitis from the cuts. She wasn’t diagnosed early enough to help prevent progression 😢 Unfortunately the medics say there is no medical cure. Their recommendation is to keep the skin in A+ condition and wear compression garments. Essentially her lymph system doesn’t work from her waist down. The aim of compression is to pump the sitting lymph fluid up to the upper part of her body so it can be processed as normal.


So, I turned to Matthew again for help because nobody else has been able to help and the change is so dramatic. My mam is doing good and is mentally great now. We managed to go for lunch (in her wheelchair) on Wednesday for the first time in 4 years, she is improving week on week with Healing treatment, the swelling has reduced dramatically and she is now managing a small bit of walking.


Mam would really like to share her story and miraculous improvements with people, so that they can see the difference for themselves.

She has had NO medical intervention and NO changes in medication/compression/physio. No changes to daily activity.

The ONLY change is Matthew’s Healing treatment.


Matthew & Gracie