The consultant said she was a MIRACLE ✨ Her words a MIRACLE.

We understand the gravity of the situation and the emotional toll it can take on individuals battling cancer. However, this remarkable update from our patient serves as a beacon of hope, reminding us of the resilience of the human spirit.  It is our sincere wish that her story resonates with others facing similar challenges, providing them with the strength and inspiration to forge ahead, one step at a time & drawing strength from the knowledge that miracles are indeed possible.


 Just an update Mathew and Grace

When my mam first got her MDS blood cancer diagnosis, April 23′ her only treatment option was Chemo and 3 weekly injections to help her haemoglobin levels and blood transfusions. It was 50/50, whether chemo would improve her bloods or not.

She hadn’t made her mind up about treatment, and by the end of August 23′ up to January 24′ she was in hospital for long stays with a severe infection of a kidney abscess, which was reoccurring. She got COVID, a chest infection which led to fluid on the lung. She was very, very unwell, and due to her underlining condition , it was hard to fight all of those infections. She did have to have blood transfusions. However, she never got a chance to start Chemo as she was too unwell.

She got home from the hospital in January this year and thankfully hasn’t had to be readmitted.


She had an appointment with her haematologist on Wednesday just past.

She said her MDS blood cancer is stable. So much so that she doesn’t need any more fortnightly blood tests or transfusions at the moment.

Her next blood tests will be June.


She said she was a MIRACLE her words a MIRACLE..

She said she was at deaths door at one point with chest infection that led to fluid on the lung, but she recovered.


Not only did she recover from that, her underlining cause of all the infections her high risk MDS blood cancer is now at the minute not requiring any chemo.

May change in the future, but currently, she doesn’t need chemo.


We definitely have yourselves to thank for all of this up to this point. We will still be working with yourselves to help keep my mam well.

It’s unbelievable and can’t thank you enough for all your help and support.


You were always available when we needed you and we will be forever grateful.





Matthew & Gracie